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Born: 1989

Hometown: Cordoba

Bernabe came from an artist's family as well as Eliseo, Emaus and Isaias Miciu.  It was his father, Daniel Sedita, an impressionist artist, who guided him in the "au plein air"practice at his very yearly age. He accompanied him in his paintings trips and exhibitions in different cities of Argentina.

At the age of 16, he spent three months painting in the North of Argentina under the guidance of Emaus Miciu, who was another strong influence on Bernabe's work.

The Miciu and Sedita families have been always connected, because it was Georg who tutored Daniel long ago, and then Emaus did the same with Bernabe.

In 2009 Bernabe started traveling with his father to the United States. He visited several museums and art galleries in New York, Miami, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami. In all those trips he painted the incredible fall of New York, Boulder, CO and Lexington, South Carolina.

It was in Lexington, where he stayed and spent several months painting and learning with the artist Suzanne Morgan Wilkins.

In 2015, he traveled to Europe to learn from the Greatest Masters. He spent months visiting the museums of Paris, Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Barcelona and Italy.

Nowadays, Bernabe makes exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Merlo, San Luis. He has displayed his work in the Conrad Hotel in Punta del Este, Uruguay.


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