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Born: 1979

Hometown: Patagonia, Argentina

Based In: Catamarca, Argentina

Born in Granada, Emaus Miciu Nicolaevici went to Argentina before his first birthday.

His first little paintings in oil were made in the home of his grandfather, Konstantino Miciu who graduated many years earlier from the Vienna Art School, and his affectionate tutoring guided Emaus toward his vocation.

At the age of twelve, his father, Georg, took Emaus and his brothers traveling through Patagonia, where he painted his first landscapes.

Georg is an accomplished artist himself. Emaus saw the essence and soul of his father's work, and it left deep impressions on him.

Another strong influence on Emaus was Ivan Moricz Karl, a master of the hyperrealist art, who guided Emaus in drawing and composition.

During an 18 months trip through Europe, he studied the Great Masters and he stated: "My palette acquired FREEDOM and AMPLITUDE with this proximity to the Great Masters". He then realized he was not just a painter of scenery, but of emotions. 

His work has since rotated around exhibitions in San Luis, Córdoba, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Bariloche, San Martin de Los Andes, Mar del Plata.

In 1998, the exposition “Three Generations Miciu” opened in Buenos Aires at the National Museum of Decorative, where his work was accompanied by works of his grandfather Konstantino, and father Georg.

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