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Born: 1947

Hometown: Argentina

Based In: Patagonia, Argentina

Austrian by birth and Patagonian by adoption, was brought to Argentina at age three by his parents, who had felt the ravages of the war in Europe at close range.

Three generations were dedicated to Fine Art. In the beginning, Konstanino Miciu graduated many years earlier from the Vienna Art School and came to Argentina with his wife and two sons, Demetrio and Georg. His two sons followed in his steps, but Georg became the best-known artist in Argentina and abroad with his remarkable skill in using the palette knife. 

`Georg opened solo shows in Jerusalem, Paris, Stuttgart, Barcelona, and Granada, showing works of Patagonia.

Returning to Argentina, they settled in the Sierras of Córdoba. Then, in 1990, Miciú worked with his friend and collaborator Jorge Bonzano to open "Sala de Georg" in Villa Giardino. They then moved to San Martin de Los Andes. His work has since rotated around exhibitions in Rosario, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Mar del Plata, and abroad in Granada, Almeria, San Francisco, and Montecito in California- over 300 individual exhibitions.

In 1998, the exposition "Three Generations" opened in Buenos Aires at the National Museum of Decorative Art.

In 2006, Jorge Bonzano co-worked again to start constructing the "Georg Collection" museum in San Martin de Los Andes. This building has become a must-go place if you are in the region. 

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