• Vicky Gilligan

Tierra del Viento Exhibition in Pittsburgh

I would like to thank those who came along to MVG Fine Art Gallery opening this past weekend - I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd.

It was a marvellous afternoon with a turnout of old and new friends who not only enjoyed the exhibition of Tierra del Viento (Land of the Wind) but also the presence of the Patagonian-based artist Eliseo Miciu Nicolaevicci, who shared with us stories of several photographs.

This was a solo exhibition of more than 10 large-scale photographs that presented stunning images of the land and animals that exist in the wind-driven expanse of southern Patagonia. These photographs are part of Eliseo's most recent book Tierra del Viento, which was just released in 2017.

This book required years of effort, multiple journeys into the wild territory for weeks or months at a time, and the extraordinary vision of Eliseo who was able to capture on his photographs the soul of this land known as Patagonia.

Because every picture has a story to tell, this book was completed with an amazing short film made by Theo Ribeiro, who followed Eliseo on his long journey capturing the essence of his dedication.

For the ones could not attend the opening exhibition, don't hesitate to contact Vicky to arrange an appointment to enjoy this exhibition on view October 14 to March 14, 2018.

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