• Vicky Gilligan

A sneak peek at Miciu upcoming exhibit, Garden and Wild.

Garden art and Wild the dual exhibition by two talented brother artists, Emaus and Eliseo Miciu, is set to open at MVG Fine Art Gallery in Wexford, Pennsylvania from 15 September 2018- 15 March 2019.

This exhibit will showcase the powerful ensemble of three generations of artists. At the beginning it was Konstantino Miciu, Emaus and Eliseo's grandfather, who graduated many years earlier from the Vienna Art School and came to Argentina with his wife and two son, Demetrio and Georg. His two sons followed his steps. But, it was Georg who became a well-known artist in Argentina and abroad, with his remarkable skill in the use of the palette knife. He has his own private museum in Patagonia displaying much of the artwork of the Miciu family.

Emaus and Eliseo inherited the artistic vision of their family, but each develops their own way to express it. Emaus was through the use of the flat brush on canvas, Eliseo instead through the lens of the camera.

The Garden art exhibit will be the reflection of Emaus's passion for flowers from Argentina, depicting its mesmerizing beauty. This collection will include 10 oil painting and more giclee prints.

Wild will be the second exhibition at MVG Fine Art Gallery by Eliseo Miciu. Last year Eliseo presented his fourth book "Tierra del Viento" with 10 large-scale photographs of Patagonia.

Wild is a collection of photographs where Eliseo captured the essence of the fauna in Argentina and USA while journeying through national parks in both countries.

Additionally, MVG Fine Art Gallery has the privilege to display one of Georg's oil painting, "Recodo del Troccoman". It is an impressive piece of art showing the outstanding use of Georg's impasto by the palette knife.

Come and enjoy the strength of Georg's artwork, the delicacy revealed by Emaus on his flowers and the vibrant photos of Eliseo.

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