• Vicky Gilligan

The latest of Emaus and JuanGilli

New floral art and more!

While fall rolls around in the north, Emaus Miciu gets inspired by the colors of the spring in the southern hemisphere. His paintings are his response to the surroundings of his studio in the deeply beautiful and tranquil Comechingones Mountain Range of Argentina, where now the bloom of the apricot and peach trees with its white and pink flowers are the perfect source of inspiration in this part of year.

I find particularly interesting in this new series of paintings the evolution of his work to a more abstract field. It always happens to me that when I start following an artist I find myself fascinated to discover the stages alongside his creative career, and I definitely think that this new series is a new stage of his. These new abstract floral landscape paintings reflect that his style has become bolder and increasingly explorative where the paintings straddle the boundary between the abstract and representational.

Meanwhile, JuanGilli keeps exploring a new palette of aqua with touch of magenta on his heavy impasto landscape paintings.

I invite you to join me in the journey of to discover more about the spring in Argentina throughout Emaus and JuanGilli's visions.

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