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2o19- 2o2o E-catalog is coming soon

MVG Fine Art Gallery will soon offer an e-catalog of about 40 paintings, photographs portraying not the only the Patagonian scenery and culture, but also the coastal landscapes of Uruguay and Chile, and the beauty of the flowers of Cordoba hills.

The 2o19- 2o2o e-catalog will provide a full description of every piece including the story behind it, its dimensions, print specs and the price too.

If you are interested in getting it, please contact Maria Victoria by email.

Now, I invite you to have a sneak peek of the upcoming e-catalog.

2o2o August "Wet" Exhibition

MVG Fine Art Gallery is pleased to introduce the new artists of Bernabe Sedita and Isaias Miciu in the upcoming exhibition of "Wet" held on August 2o2o.

This new exhibition will display the oil paintings of Bernabe and Emaus related to water, and the underwater's fine art photography of Isaias and Eliseo Miciu.

Enjoy the exclusive, intimate experience of touring the gallery.

To reserve and get more information, please contact Maria Victoria

937-546-8281 or email her at mariavgilligan@gmail.